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Health & Wellness

When you nourish your body, mind and spirit beautifully, the benefits are endless.  I live by this credo because it helps me to stay clear and focused and free of negative influences both inside and out.

How I Stay Fit

I have practiced tai chi, qi gong and tantra yoga since 2004 and I walk five to seven miles daily, weather permitting. A gentle, low-impact approach to exercise often gives you the same results as high impact, without the injuries. Get to know me on my personal Facebook page!

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What I Put In My Body

Isagenix foods and supplements, lots of fruits and vegetables and clean water. When I’m creating a new project, I tend to snack a lot and put on weight. I was impressed by Isagenix’ products because they actually have healthy snacks, like Whey Thins, and nutrition bars that don’t taste like wood chips. 

Let the results speak for themselves…

What I Put In My Mind

I meditate and pray daily. My favorite programs for manifestation and inner peace are Quantum Jumping by Burt Goldman, Duality by Jeffrey Allen, Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon, and Winning the Game of Money by John Assaraf.

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