Welcome to the Salubritorium!

The Salubritorium is BTheFuture Media's state-of-the-art writing program. It combines over 13 years' worth of personal and spiritual development training with a variety of writing media. 

Perhaps you've been writing for years and have lost the sense of freedom and abandon you once had... or perhaps you have a vivid imagination and have yet to create stories of your own. 

Enter the Salubritorium and you will recapture the inner child at play - the one who delighted in finger painting and sand art, simply because it was fun. Let go of your expectations, and you will exceed them every time.

$600 per person (max six people per course). We meet weekly on Zoom. Please go to BTheFuture Media on https://www.facebook.com/bthefuturemedia/?pnref=lhc for schedule and openings.

Order your Books and Services by sending payment to BTheFutureMedia@gmail.com via Paypal