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Exiled from History

"The Story of the American Maroons” is an upcoming television documentary chronicling the escape of groups of enslaved sub-Saharan Africans in the United States, the establishment of autonomous, hidden communities in the wild, and the tortuous journey to freedom, largely on foot, from Virginia and the Carolinas, all the way to Florida and parts of Mexico, long before the official abolition of slavery.

The subject of marronage in America has largely been overlooked and all but excluded from history books. Co-producers Ileana Canal and Kim M. Brantley have set out to create greater awareness and inclusion of this topic.

“Exiled from History: The Story of the American Maroons” is slated to air on Washington, DC’s DCTV in late summer of 2016. Visit the facebook page to learn more about the project and about Maroons: https://www.facebook.com/USmaroonhistory/

Escaping slaves gathered around fire

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